Famous balance bike brands on the market

If you are a true cyclist, you cannot be unaware of the leading bicycle brands in the world and the characteristics of each one.  So, the question is that what the top manufacturers all over the world are. In this article, we would like to introduce you the top 10 balance bike on the market. Hope that this list will be a useful reference for you to choose the best balance bike for yourself. Below is a list of the most famous bicycle company in 2015. Trek, Giant, Specialized, Salsa, Jasmis, surly, Bianchi, Cannondale, Soma, Cervelo is the leading bicycle brands in 2014

  1. Trek

Trek Domane 5.2 is one of the best racing bike in 2014

This brand is well known for the mountain bike line and mixed means of transport such as balance bike for the children. Their products are suitable for every need and meet all different travel demands. Known as a famous brand of the United States, it is one of the most reputed firms in the world.

Founded in 1976, Trek is well known for high-quality vehicles, addressing issues from the simple to the complex of cyclists

  1. Salsa

This brand is founded in 1982, the goal of Salsa is producing the balance bike to support a short journey to explore the surrounding world of the children and the people who love cycling.

Salsa is known for some mountain bike brands like Salsa Mukluk TI, Salsa Horsethief  XX1 and Salsa Fargo TI. The company is currently the market leader in mountain bike lines.

  1. Jamis

Jamis Coda is one the most preferable bike in 2015. The first product which made the fame of Jamis – Earth Cruiser was launched in 1979. And it gradually maintained their position in the market. The products of Jamis are always in the top list bestsellers of all the famous distributers in the world. This brand is now getting more and more preferred and popular.

  1. Specialized

It is the brand of the creativity and the breakthrough innovation in bike industry. Since its establishment in 1981, the company is constantly pursuing the development of new technologies used in the bike – which is thought to be a primitive means.

The company is “forerunners” with new technologies and the application FACT carbon to making bicycle frames. You can see the name in any of the top Specialized vehicles on the market leader.

  1. Surly

Although newly launched in 1998, Surly has quickly asserted their name on the bicycle market in the world with speed and fixie models – a completely new line of bicycles with no brakes in the using process.

The line of surly bike still use traditional steel material in order to keep a balance for the bike and sustainability for many different purposes. Surly is the leading preferred brand of bicycles which meet the diverse needs of users.

  1. Giant

Founded in 1972 in Taiwan, Giant has become one of the leading bicycle brands in the world with the line mountain bike and mixture bicycle.

The design of the Giant bicycle has always been praised for beautiful designs and convenient service for many different purposes.

  1. Bianchi

This brand is originated from the United States and is known for Countervail technology -. The Bianchi bike is very familiar with racing cyclists and Bianchi Bianchi Infinito’s CV.

  1. Cannondale

Launched in 1983, Cannondale brings the market the products which are extremely impressive. Since their foundation, Cannodale has gained great achievements on the bike. The Cannondale bikes are voted as one of the brands cycloross bicycle by the cyclists.

  1. Soma

Contrary to other manufacturers, the somatic hybrid bike  find a new direction with a positive service to meet the needs of the daily ride racer

The outstanding characteristics of the Soma bike are the attractive appearance and the convenience. The main goal of this brand is bringing the comfort to the users in every journey.

  1. Cervelo

The company specializes in manufacturing speed racing bike Cervelo was founded in 1995 by two engineers to create the bike with the fastest speed possible. In 2014, the Cervelo bikes are both ranked as top American and American Cyclery Fit Werx voted one of the 40 best bike in 2014 ..