Find Out The Petanque Sports – A Sport With Metal Balls


Petanque (international name is Pétanque) was born in France over 110 years ago and was introduced to many countries in the 40s of the last century. However, this is a sport that many people do not know the law playing and scoring … petanque usually held on three different types of courts: clay courts, clay courts have scattered rubble and clay paving stone rubble and 1×2 (the hardest kind of game field ).

Weight 650g-750g marbles from, having a diameter of 7,05cm-7,50cm. After the draw, a team (or a competitor) will be held before throwing marbles small point; players have to stand in a circle with a diameter of 35cm-50cm from, this circle lies to the baselines and 1m horizontal boundary.

Ballpoint is considered valid when located away from the 6-10m circle and two wings along 1m. After opponents thrown ball point forward, the remaining players have first task is throwing (also called rolling) his marbles (in posture) so that points near the ball. When bi bo marbles near the most points, he is considered temporary opponent wins. The remaining people whose mission is to shoot balls (often using a standing position) enemy to another place.

Each person was discovered three balls for throw or shot. If you threw away all three balls, the balls would close to the one most recognized point marble winning points. Average in every game of the match, players travel from 8-15km, should not be a sport with little movement, if it was observed outside.

Walking around the place playing petanque concentrated in big cities, we were surprised when the number of seniors participating this subject quite crowded. Among them, the age he U60, U70 participated in many, maybe even he still regularly U90 training ground every day to petanque.

Simple rules of the game, not the athletes with high intensity, cheap marble rent, petanque, has quickly become the subject attracted the special attention of the elder and many avid unskilled workers present. Mr. Harry Brick, although 84 years old, he still comes into play everyday petanque club in a city. Looking at his hands trembling, few people could have imagined he possessed marble shots extremely accurate and lethal

Harry asked why he chose to play this subject; Mr. Harry happily replied: “This course does not take much effort, gently, all the movement going, standing, bending, fire, air-conditioned athletes in line with age I like that much older. ”

Due to technical conditions were not a picky little yard, so apart from the field of a professional part of the club, the parks are also places people play petanque selection. In a park of the city, another place to focus pretty much loved petanque subjects, especially the elderly account for the amount not less.

Mr. Jose Silva Camaro, 62 this year, said: “This course is not the high-intensity movement as other subjects, to walk, bend to bend over a lot, very good stretching. The fresh air and play, the more you play the same old, so I’m happy. ”

His niece Jose named Bella, iron also happily said: “Which way did not learn, I also see him play out. Seeing he was 62 years old and still in good health so happy descendants, his grandson are free to cheer for him. ” Some young friends after a track he played, not from admiring admiration for the ingenuity and skill to shoot petanque, throw marble of his quite accurate.

his sport is very good for the mind, requires focus and clarity. It is very suitable for older people to practice healthy, do not need too much equipment to play. Simply a yard large enough and the steel balls as you’ve got a sport full of passion and rewarding