How To Choose The Suitable Slow Pitch Softball Bat


When you decide to buy a pitch softball bat, you will have more choices and balanced message before selecting the most appropriate is the softball. The factors that you should consider, such as material, shape, color, weight, grip, length … You also need to consider the brand of the bat; there are many manufacturers of the price, different quality. Since there are many different sizes, so I advise you to take hold and try it, to see the size shape fits your hands and your body.

Bat Material

Often there are two basic materials is to make softball bats are: metal and composite. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, actual manufacturers most current reputation of their choice for this type of composite materials for the slow pitch bat.

This material has the advantages are: reliable with a time of use, can be used in all weather conditions, light weight, easy maintenance …, etc. Going more details on this issue, I might discuss with you in another position.

Bat Length

To slow pitch softball use, most bats will have a 34-inch length and the maximum length for use in the league, by the provisions bat in the contest, league. Most typically slow pitch players will not worry about the short length unless they want to bat with a shorter and lighter way to fit the shape of their bodies. Therefore, the length of the above is standard length for all cases the player.

Bat Weight

The weight of the bat will be 26 ounces to 30 ounces, but you can buy the bigger bat weight. The weight of the bat is prescribed standards because players can Maintain a constant speed swing, if slightly over the ball bat will not go with fast speed and distances, if the bat is too heavy, it will make players faster each.

Follow my advice, you select the appropriate weight bat with arms and shape your body shape. Choose the weight holding bat that feels most comfortable, so the lightweight bat is suitable. Then after a workout, you make adjustments for using the bat to gain optimal exposure to the ball. To the best high swing speed. Bat weights every user will be less than, more difficult adjustment during subsequent workouts.

Note: Reference weight select bat, I weighed 195 pounds and above 5’12 ”. I used 26 ounces, and his dead body type best suits during the game, I have selected a 28 ounce but to reduce swing speed. So kind of heavy bat to require more powerful swing force will make me more tired faster.

Weight Distribution

Slow pitch softball bats have two types of weight Distributions: end-loaded and Balanced. The two types differ in that the weight distribution can create a sense of light or heavy swing weight of the bats. To create the best resources to make the ball go far, you have to adjust the balance point (center of mass is the point), and the inertia torque

More specifically, how the bat is distributed along the length to the bat swing can impact overall speed as the different bat weights. Close to the bat’s balance point is near the handle; you can easily control and swing the bat barrel.

Although the two have the same kind of bat is the 26-ounce weight, but when you pick them up, feeling their polish very different, you will feel the difference in the swing feel. According to my advice, with two types above, you should try it, try to hold and hit and then you choose the most suitable for you.

Type 1 : 1 point from 23 inches balance until the handle and type 2, there will be 1 point from 20.5 inches to balance the end of the handle. So kind of bat that will have more inertia than the moment when we last 2 rated at a similar pace and speed of the ball coming, too.

But I mentioned earlier, that the weight of the bat close to the handle to make it easy to swing and more control. But the bat with further weight to the handle, it means that you will be hard to control, reduce speed by larger inertia swing torque. However, I recommend learning from professional players and are highly experienced.

They will show you some time, after training and proficiency, you can use the kind of bat that you see fit. For myself, I prefer to use balanced type because you can achieve maximum performance, many players can play well both two types, but you should only focus on one type to achieve the best performance.

Focus on better efficiency, which is the maxim that sports people will want to have the best features, avoiding distracting and time-consuming.


In the grip of bats, people want to have the best grip should be leather or synthetic leather materials used. Sometimes in the grips will have cushioning to reduce shock. The grip is not the deciding factor in selecting the bat that the factors above, you can replace the grip if you do not like the default made by the manufacturer.


If you are passionate about baseball and want to buy things to play this sport. I believe I will help you through the many useful information that I have shared above. Wish you will find the most suitable bat, you can decorate the bat according to their preferences to present your personality.