Introductions About Safety Culture In Enterprises


Safety in manufacturing employment was an indispensable factor to the modern industry today. For each employee, the employee protective gear is mandatory when working. Here’s more detail, please choose steel toe shoes, work shoes instead choose leather or canvas shoes for safety standards when working in industrial plants. You will feel more confident with the best steel toe shoes for men or women joining the labor. Moreover, this article I will tell you more about workplace safety culture.

Overview Of Safety Culture


Safety Culture

International Labour Organization (ILO) has introduced the concept of ” Safety culture in the workplace culture in which the right to a safe work environment and adequate hygiene standards of workers are respected at all levels.

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Government, employers, and employees are actively involved in making sure the environment work safety and hygiene through a system of rights, responsibilities, and obligations Services are defined. In particular, the precautionary principle to be put into place priority top.”

According to the concept of safety culture means that employees must have a safe working environment and sanitation. All people including workers , employers, and governments must join hands to contribute to ensuring protected working environment are safe through the rights and obligations.

Safety culture includes three elements: a complete legal system of government; the observance of the law business, creating the best conditions to perform implementation processes, labor safety regulations; self-discipline, self-raised self-awareness protection of the workers themselves.

Occupational safety

According to the ILO: “Labour Safety Workplace status is guaranteed to the employees working in hazardous conditions are not life-threatening, unaffected health adversely. Status and working conditions do not cause dangerous in production”.

The Benefits Of Workplace Safety Culture Bring

Make good safety culture at the enterprise; labor accidents will be repelling, reduces pain, damage to families and social workers.

When business does not guarantee safety, businesses may have to uffer heavy losses. Whereas, if the business building up a safety culture, the results of the business will unexpected.

Safety Culture contributes to the sustainable growth of the business on the promotion of human factors and human development by solving comedy regulate the relationship benefits the parties (the State, enterprises, and laborers Dynamic), create a new momentum for the development of the business. It can be said that, build and enhance the safety culture in both the target enterprise, And the motivation of enterprise development.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho The Benefits Of Workplace Safety Culture Bring

Develop and maintain a safety culture in the workplace is inevitable trend bring practical benefits for business, for workers and For the whole country. It is creating a healthy working atmosphere, chalk starting at the grassroots; make employers and employees clearly see over their responsibilities; actively implement the provisions of The legislation, plans, measures to improve working conditions, prevention against accidents and occupational diseases, contributing to increased labor productivity and

Enhance The Reputation Of The Business.

Safety Culture is considered a very basic parts, primary culture Enterprises will contribute to consolidating and enhance the reputation, brand of products, the competitive businesses (domestic and international).

In developed economy based on modern industry, the development develop an institutional safety culture in the enterprise (law and standards, the normative operation of machinery and equipment of modern technology, high-tech; the principles of prevention, hygiene, and labor …), especially the implementation of accountability corporate social responsibility of the safety and health of workers in business, is one of the important conditions for integration.

Conversely, when businesses do not have a safety culture will lead to consequences occupational accidents continue to rise even cause heavy losses for business now both regarding manpower and business

Building Safety Culture In Business

To build a sustainable safety culture needs to change perceptions and attitudes of workers in the foundation changes in beliefs and values.


To change the perception of safety workers will not change their behavior. But if there are consistency and transparency, it could create the premise changed the attitude of the employees. Solution to change perceptions includes advocacy, organizing safety meetings periodically, talk about safety topics at each meeting, …


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Ssafety attitudes can change when there is consistency at all levels reflects the organization’s priorities for safety company. It can change when the company is not taken lightly safety issues even if under the pressure of the stage of completion of work, leaders listen to concerns, and suggestions, the employees are recognized and rewarded when to have recommendations or findings on safety, …


Belief change behavior through the involvement of workers. When employees contribute a positive role in peace efforts whole, they are part of the success. If the participation of workers dynamic, their beliefs can be changed, creating the foundation for change in value. The employee can become an active member by: a member of the board of protection, carry out the checks, direct faculty teaching, assessment, and control of hazards.


The value change requires a sustained commitment to attracting the participation of employees and sharing success. People have to see the commitment over several years before it became part of the public value Companies and workers.

A company may have a good safety program if the company is in a safe condition and good compliance, but still Can not get a good safety culture. Because to create an environment safe working indispensable participation of workers. Safety culture based workers can help reduce many risks with low cost and high efficiency

My name is James Wilson, was a worker at the factory of a steel manufacturing conglomerate largest steel producer in the US. Since working in a factory with harsh conditions, toxic and hot … besides, the risk of accidents during labor can occur anytime.

Before the work, each of us must fully comply with rules on the safety standard compliance, the utensils and equipment must be worn. However, protective shoes are the most important items for iron and steel, the piece of metal that can cause damage to me if I wear cloth or leather. Therefore, you need to have a good product to get the comfort and safety of use during work.