Skydiving Sport, An Adventurous Sport For Everyone


Exercise 4 months to get a 1-minute aerial skydiving but with the students, it was the happiest moment of his life.

Skydiving picks the player because of the level of high risk and health requirements, but this is not a new sport in many areas. To meet the requirements to become a student club, parachuting, students must undergo a health assessment period in aviation medicine institute, and enough passion for overcoming fear when engaged sports and adventure this speed.

Time on unrealistic parachuting only lasted a few minutes, in which the sense of free fall just under 3 seconds, then, students will fall along, though. However, hundreds of young people are still willing to pay millions for a few minutes to enjoy the passion.

Every year, an Open Aviation Club skydiving classes for about 30 students. And that is a valuable opportunity for young people to bring the dream to implement their agreements. Michael Kors lieutenant colonel, a skydiving instructor shared a key: To be able to participate in this class, students must pass a medical examination at the hospital center of the aviation industry and have a good history.

To be skydiving, in addition to the factors above, students must achieve technical and must be in good health prior to boarding. At the end of the course, the student will be skydiving with time only 1-2 times a minute, which, freefall time less than 3 seconds. However, everyone is excited to participate after learning perseverance lasted 15 sessions of about four months.

According to Thomas Cook, as well as a skydiving instructor of aviation clubs, each class will have about 25-30 students; the age limit is from 15-45. Particularly for students over age 50 to be advised of the level of safety, because at this age have slower reflexes, aging bones, and joints also.

Jimmy Shaw, a model, and actress, shared: I’m passionate about and make the action movie or adventure games so as to know whether his jump course is enrolling immediately. Taught his course can curb fears, careful in action and feeling extremely has to be jumping out of a plane.

Learned fold, but despite this jump, serves are professional soldiers prepared to guarantee absolute safety. Besides the main parachute backpack, each student will carry through on the front side to prevent the main parachute crash.

The students are required to undergo a training course lasting 15 to be able to master the technique, to ensure the health, psychological before boarding. After the grounding, the students quickly folded parachute, to clean up the landing zone for the next dance partner. In skydiving sessions, participants will have to comply with the technical movements and jumping at the right safe area.


Aerial sport this excitement not everyone can take to be delivered. You need to check your health, whether all the conditions to achieve the criteria for participation in sport or not. Remember, your health is a decisive factor for the experience of contact