The surprising benefits of the mountain bike


Riding bike especially the mountain bike is become one of the hot trend nowadays because it can bring a lot of benefits for the participants. When someone are attracted by this trend, they would not hesitate to buy for themselves the modern one.  Currently mountain bikes Oyama Lady’s is considered as the best mountain bikes under 1000 on the market  with the light colors, bright and trendy. The chassis and the details of the bike are designed separately, with the wheel friction that can help support higher maximum force on the hilly terrain which is not flat. In the article today, we will introduce all of you this kind of product as well as review about the benefits of riding mountain bike. Hope that these interesting information is really valuable in supporting you keep a great passion with outdoor sports.

The technical parameter of mountain bike Oyama UM 1000 Lady:
Chassis: Frame made of  aluminum alloy 6061

Brake system: Braking System V – ARTEK
Transfering speed: Shimano ST-EF40, adjustable speed 18
The speed of the disk before: Shimano TX-51
The speed at Philippi after: Shimano TZ-50
Thigh car – the crank: Alloy – 28 * 38 * WHEEL TOP 48
The wheel axle axis made of steel
Vehicle lip: Shimano MF-TZ20 14 – 28T

Quick realease: Neco
Rims: 2 layers of aluminum alloy rim, 26 inches

Tires: Tires CST with the  high bearing 26 * 1.9
Saddle: belong to the  saddle sports
Pedal: Plastic Pedals for all-terrain

Vehicle weight: 14.1kg
Colors: Blue and White / Red and White
Warranty 12 months
Origin: Taiwan

The excellent benefits of riding mountain bike Oyama UM 1000 Lady:
Moderate exercise, and  enjoy yourself.

Bike lovers have a lot of  encouragement to come and stay with this movement, but the primary reason is probably to practice. With some many girls, the most important value of riding is to build a slim body, again just a workout, combat fatigue, stress at work.  Riding mountain bike directly has influence on losing the obesity and extremely takes effect for those who in a diet. Cycling is a sport to attract females, from the young girl until middle age, all for health and beauty.
Many people nowadays seems to be too busy to get closer with their relatives. As a consequences, cycling is a excellent chance for them to relax with friends and enjoys yourself. They can go in pairs, or go alone which are both  interesting.

Many people expect cycling as a good way to live slowly and change their life as well as for the purpose of relaxing themself in nature and explore the  sightseeing all part of their country . there are a lot of website for mountain bike lovers in which many backpackers share they have to face up to pressure in the workplace, chaos and worries sometimes causing them severe stress. Cycling can help them leave all the stress behind during the weekend that they relented, as well as regain the passion to come back everyday life.

With some others, cycling is also a useful way to protect the environment. A member of the club WCV – a group with over 60 bikes members revealed: “The Tuesday night, Tuesdays, or Saturdays each week, we focus on boots top, together along the inner route to environmental propaganda. Each end of May, the club back “offensive” to the neighboring provinces to mobilize people to protect the environment and limit smoke motorbike “. Other groups are also positive factors in propagating the people not to throw rubbish indiscriminately, keeping the park clean by his visits to offline.
Come to the bike with different reasons, different purposes, but the bike lovers have created a movement, a new beauty to their country.
Appeared about two years ago, to the present, cycling and playing the mountain bike has become a new hobby of the people all over world.

According to these information, we sure that all of you will recognize the great influence of riding bike with improving your health. If you are wonder what kind of mountain bike that you should purchase, we believe that you have already get the answer and will be consistent to take up the riding sport.