Top 5 Best Bush Knifes For Military All Over The World

Contrary to personal rifles, the bush knife is a weapon, which has limited the scope of the damage but downright dangerous if used by the soldiers experienced combat and the ultimate skills. Here are the top 5 common survival military of best bush knives in the world based on the ability of their dreadful damage.

WING – Tactic of the French special forces

Recently, the Company has presented Wildsteer tactical knives versatile WING-Tactic only used for the task force. Even this knife is advertised as no rivals in terms of performance and usability at the moment.

With its special design, this survival knife has great strength, extremely handy and potentially interfere with the versatile, ensuring the high performance and even the size, along with the weight of the knife fits the best of the world. Live-style knives are serrated that has a blade, which can become sharply whenever necessary.

Meanwhile, knife blades are quite strangely shaped to ensure durability and sharpness, thanks to that, the blade can be used as a drill or awl chisel, while the blade can cut steel wire up to 2.5 mm thick.

Besides, the knives are also designed quite recently handy, lined with hand, which can help users grasp hilt even when using gloves. The versatility and advantages make WING-Tactic almost unmatched in the segment of military knife for survival.

Ka-Bar Of US Naval Forces

Renowned for durability and high versatility, this knife is favored by the US military for generations. With design grooves along the blade when victims encountered by the knife will bleed continuously due to the fact that this grooves directly along the blood flowing out.

With the 30.16 cm long knife, the blade is 18 cm long, which weighs 0.56 kg and is made of 1095 carbon steel. Along with that is the chemical treatments that can combat the effects of mold.

The entire production process is almost crafted with rigorous testing procedures as well as the technological know-how with the strict secrecy. Therefore, this knife has high longevity and reliability. In addition to being used for survival, the KA-BAR knife has demonstrated its versatility when used for opening cans, dig grooves, cut wood, roots, vines, cables. Besides this, the knife also owns a high aesthetic value and are often bought by military enthusiasts.

Kukri – Blades Of Gurkha

With its ancient origins, Kukri knife is not only the symbol of Nepal, but also a symbol of the Gurkha soldier, possessing a knife Kukri is a special pride.

With design and curved blade to the bottom, the knife actually owns a possibility appalling damage, not only that, depending on the capabilities of the user that there are other possibilities that Kukri use multi unpredictable form. In addition to a melee weapon, it also can be used as a deadly gas that renders in a medium distance with a high accuracy.

Dagger GB – Anonymous Killers

The GB is a modest size with a 4-inch long blade, the blade thickness is 3 / 16 inch, famous Tanto knife, but the knife handle is quite thick, which is easy to use. GB is mainly equipped for student pilots to use after parachuting, but can also be fitted to the security personnel and secret agent of the government.

Strider Mantrack 1 Big – Versatile Assassins

The Anatomy is quite large compared with other military knives, but not so that Strider Mantrack becomes less flexible than the other names. With a 6.5-inch long blade, the thickness of 4/16 inch, all-style knives are sharp spear, which has pierced the armor features, but you can cut, slash with excellent sharpness.

In addition to the variety of uses, what makes the difference for the Strider Mantrack is that it has extremely flexible fighting style based on a variety of situations thanks to the long knives that the users may use knives in any posture and style of any attacks. Besides, the knives are usually painted in camouflage to disguise and limit sunlight reflection. Whether in rolled wire,  knife also works great as survival in the jungle to make the bowstring when hunting, trapping wire.